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How to Stay Fierce While Working on Your Fitness

Posted on 22 February 2017

We’re two thirds into the first quarter of 2017 and that fitness plan on your vision board has gone from a generic goal to a regular routine. The only problem? How you’re going to hold that plank pose AND protect your hair! Many women sacrifice cultivating healthy habits for keeping their curls on fleek, but years of prepping protective styles have taught us that you won't have to choose between the two if you follow these steps. 

Invest in a Quality Shield

If you’ve ever had your silk scarf slide off while you were living the #squatlife then you know protective accessories like Slap Caps are a great investment. The sweat induced frizz that comes with intense cardio sessions is no match for these satin lined caps. Thanks to their ability to stretch they can accommodate even the largest curls. Plus they come in a variety of cute colors to match all that those luxe athleisure looks you’ve been rewarding yourself with. Monica of Mo Knows Hair is rocking hers below. 

Keep It Fresh

Having the right products on hand can make freshening up post-workout fros a breeze. Sweating it out in hot yoga? This Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment from Carol’s Daughter can easily slip between even the most binding protective style to soothe and cleanse the scalp. Headed straight to the grocery store from Soulcycle? Lucid Bliss’ hair refresher eliminates any and all odors from both human and synthetic hair so you can leave behind the scent of the weird girl who’s always leaning too close to your station. Snooze button got you in danger of missing your 6am yoga class? Cut down on your prep time with a great low cost dry shampoos like Garnier Fructis’ Volume Extend Instant Bodifier which is only $6!  

Choose Wisely

Protective styling is about what works for YOU. Nobody knows your schedule and needs better than you do and the best fitness and beauty routines are the ones that you’re going to stick to. Experiment with crotchet braids, twists, faux-locks, and other styles until you find the one that suits you and your routine the best. Like protective style goddess badgirlriri says you gotta live your life. 



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