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How many boxes of hair should I order?

  • Each box of Latched and Hooked Hair comes with 20 bouncy curls. If you use our special 1 x 10 formula, you’ll get the perfect look every time. That means use 10 curls per braid. You’ll want to order 1 box of hair for every 2 corn rows you have. For more volume increase the number of corn rows and boxes of hair.

*(example: If you have 8 corn rows. You’ll need to order 4 boxes of hair.)

  • For our Luxe braiding hair in The Braid Collection we recommend ordering 10-15 packs of hair for large box braids or twists, 10 /packs for small to medium box braids or twist. However, contact your stylist for best results. Our braiding hair is NOT similar to Expressions Braiding Hair. Our hair is not silky, it's textured and each pack is about 100grams.

When will my products arrive?

  • Our number one goal is to get our products in your hands! Once you place your order, please allow 3 business days to process your order. If you are Shipping Priority Mail packages will take about 3-4 business days (excluding holidays) for Standard U.S. orders, 1-2 business days for Express U.S. orders (excluding holidays) and 7-14 business days (excluding holidays) for international orders. If you choose to mail FED EX you will be notified at the time of shipping selection how long your order will take to arrive. 

  • We do ship international. All international orders will need to be processed through our customer service so that we may process your shipping at a more affordable cost. Email us at 


Note: Pre-Orders are for handmade products and can sometimes take up to 3 weeks to ship. Please be patient with these special orders as we want to ensure they are delivered with the same quality and care they were made with. 

    What length should I order?

    • For our curls you should know we currently offer 2 lengths. 10″ and 20″. Remember, the length is the measurement prior to the curling process of the hair. When you stretch your bouncy curls you’ll get the actual length. Although, your curls won’t drop much, you’ll spend the next 4-6 weeks fluffing so you’ll begin to see the fullness of your curls develop.
    • Our Luxe Braiding Hair comes in 24 inches.

    Can I receive a refund on my order if I am not satisfied?

    • All sales are final. If there is an error on our behalf please contact us at to further resolve any issue.

    Where is your company located?

    • Latched and Hooked Beauty is located in Atlanta, GA 

    Is your hair Marley Hair?

    • Let’s dispel this myth! No. There is no such thing as Marley hair. There was once a hair brand that named their hair Marley, but they were soon sued and told to change their name. Our curls are made with 100% Toyokalon synthetic fiber and our Luxe Braiding Hair is made with 100% Kanekalon synthetic fiber. 

    Can I get my curls wet?

    • We do not recommend you washing curls from The Mckenzie Collection as you could lose the pattern in your curls. Although your curls can withstand a drizzle of rain, we would suggest being proactive and plan accordingly. Swimming is not recommend, however you have the discretion to make that judgement call.

    Does this hair frizz and tangle easily?

    • All synthetic hair will experience frizz, lucky for you we’ve invested in high quality 100% Toyokalon and Kanekalon synthetic hair that last longer than many other fibers. A little frizz actually gives a more realistic look. We recommend that each week you give your curls a little TLC. Check out our blog on ways to reduce frizz and unruly tangles.

    How long will my curls last?

    • With proper care, our curls are in it for the long haul. You do not have to re-curl your Latched and Hooked hair! If you follow our care and maintenance instructions, your curls will last up to six weeks or longer. 



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