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10 Protective Style Queens You Should Be Following on Instagram

Posted on 16 February 2017

Protective styling is a must no matter what the season. Humidity, dryness, and constant tension all affect the hair in ways that require it to be given a bit of a rest. But while it’s a must for hair health sometimes it can seem like a drag when it comes to styling diversity. We’ve rounded up five digital influencers who are killing it on social media to provide you with plenty of protective styling inspiration.


Delightful Ace’s fun hairstyles and flawless makeup come second only to her wildly inspirational Instagram shorts. The senior makeup artist provides direct tutorials and no-holds-barred reviews of hair and beauty products including extensions that suit protective styling. She is always switching up her style and giving her followers a glimpse of the latest items she’s checking out.


She gives us hope that we don't have to lose ourselves personally after having babies. After bringing light to her own struggle with postpartum hair loss, this beauty not only educated us on how previlant this epidemic is, but she made having the conversation with our girlfriends cool and damn near relatable. We began to think about how helpful low manipulation protective styles are and she showed thousands of people how to regain your confidence by using our chemical free, pre-curled and looped hair


Simply Cyn is known for creating some of the most striking images on Instagram but underneath all of that stylish stoicism are some truly great style suggestions. Looking for a way to style your braids or twists for an upcoming occasion? Check out how she put her own spin on a braided bun here.


We coined her the "Rod Set Queen" last year when we saw how seemingly perfect her rods sets are. We instantly knew that our 20" Medium Curl would be the perfect protective style for her. She gives the perfect balance of creating low manipulation protective styles with her own hair and ups the ante ever so often when playing around with textured extensions that blend to perfection. 


Not only does this digital influencer and co-founder of BlackGirlFly command flexi-rods with a simple flick of the wrist, she can pull off a smartly styled Heidi braid. Her natural tresses are envied by nearly ninety thousand followers but when she needs to give them a rest she opts for crochet, fishtail braids or an artfully twisted wrap.

the best crochet twists


If you're looking for the 411 on any of our synthetic hair products, this queen can give you the scoop. From rocking our saucy two toned ginger curls, to proving our hair really has staying power by rocking our Twist Out Curl for 10 weeks strong, this beauty truely has slaying power!


As a business owner who is also the mother of an adorable three year old this blogger turned beauty entrepreneur doesn’t have as much time as she used to for primping. Like Mimi of Unlikely Martha, she turns to her stylist for quick choices that are easily maintained including oversized crochet box braids and big fluffy curls.


We've watched this beauty for years go from the cut life to figuring out how to care for her growing natural hair. Now, aside from being the ultimate fashion DIY Queen, you can catch her trying out different protective styles and creating videos on how not to get bored with your box braids after a week.  


Whether she’s serving up street style on the streets of New York City or chomping on Cuban cigars on the beach in Havana Monroe Steele knows how to make a statement. Follow this fashion and lifestyle writer for creatively directed practical style in exotic locations. Use our kinky bulk hair to recreate her goddess locs.


If you ever want to know how to rock a wig effortlessly, she's your go-to guru. She can make a $30 beauty supply store wig look like a million bucks! We love scrolling her feed for inspiration on how to coordinate our wigs with our personal style. Ahem--just look at how she styled our Zima Micro Twist Wig!

Who are some of your favorite queens of protective styling? Share them below!

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