Should Hair Braiders Be Licensed?

Written By Tiffini Gatlin - September 17 2018


August 23 2019

a person who braids hair should Not be liscensed! that would create major problems in the black community! These folks will want people to take a test, for what. Braiding originated from our culture and no one should manopolize off our heritage! Now, I think braiders should have their clients sign waivers! botton line is, if you see their work you know what they can do. Being a braider is not the same as being a cosmotologist! Women don’t fall for this read between the lines!!

Jacqueline King
February 07 2019

I believe if a person is making money braiding hair they should have a license to touch hair especially, if they are making money. I have seen multiple women and young girls hair damage because of poor braiding. Scalp damage, hair breakage etc. Years ago, I would had thought differently, but now its time for accountability especially, if certain individuals are working in hair salons.

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