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How to Protect Your Natural Hair From Chlorine

Posted on 30 June 2017

Fourth of July weekend is coming and that means you'll (probably) be on a family vacation, chilling at a cookout, turning up on a girl’s trip at ESSENCE Festival or chilling poolside. If it's the latter, you’re going to want to keep your curls safe from chlorine--cause let's face it, you don’t want to be the girl sitting pretty poolside while everyone else is splashing around? Check out these tips for protecting your hair from harsh pool chemicals this summer.

1. Soak It  

Water is a natural girl’s best friend. No matter what your curl pattern or your hair's health status-- water is not the enemy. Chlorine however, has no interest in being your bestie. Want to block nasty chemicals from wrecking the seasonal highlights you saved up for? Preemptively wet your hair. If your hair is already wet it will be unable to absorb additional water meaning it’s more likely to be able to withstand pool chemicals.  

2. Choose a Swim cap

Okay, okay I totally know what you’re thinking. But before you tell me “girl that’s not gonna’ fit over my hair” let me make my case. Swim caps have come quite a long way from the standard Speedo options you remember from your community pool days. In fact several small business owners on Etsy and other digital marketplaces are serving up options that can fit over locks, box braids, and afros alike. We found these Swimma Caps to be just the fix for our big hair! Want to be on the safe side? Choose one that’s slightly larger & slip a thin elastic headband over the edges to hold it in place. 

3. Coat With Conditioner

This is by far the best option to prevent new chlorine-filled water from being absorbed into your strands and will keep your hair from shrinking and clotting so you can be selfie ready when you pop out the to take a quick pic. Choose a cheap conditioner with lots of slip like Aussie’s Moist and avoid overdoing it by squeezing excess product out in that weird random shower stall they advise you to stop by before getting into the pool.

Follows these quick tips so you can focus on more important summer tasks like mixing frozen margaritas.


Photo Credits: Crown Milan, Naptural Nicole, Essence The Feisty House 

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