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How To Clean Your Scalp While Wearing Synthetic Hair Extentsions

Posted on 19 April 2017


The number one question we hear from customers is how to keep their scalp clean while wearing synthetic hair extensions. Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair can become tangeled and unruly when it gets wet. However, over the years the fiber used to create synthetic hair has gotten a lot more sophisticated and can withstand a lot more than you think. 

Unfortunately beauties, you can not wear any for of protective style for any long period of time without treating your scalp. Imagine if you did not drink any liquids for 3-5 months what would happen to you. Now imagine what your scalp is going through. 

After launching Latched + Hooked we searched for solutions on the market that would help our consumers keep their scalps cleansed, nourished and help with restoring moisture. When Girl + Hair found us--it was like a match made in heaven. 

This product line works! The cleansing shampoo is not a dry shampoo, you have to wash it out. We suggest that when washing out the cleanser that you direct the water on the scalp and not the hair itself. The hair will get damp but do not intentially try to wash the hair, but focus on getting the product out of the scalp. Of course we put it to the test before we decided to make it available to you, so check out our video below on how we use Girl + Hair to not only keep our scalp cleansed but to expand the time in which we can keep our style. 

You can now find the entire Girl + Hair product line in our shop





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