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3 TV Heroines who Represent Real Beauty Standards

Posted on 08 March 2017

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have given us so much access to original content that some have stated that we are living in the golden age of television. But the convenience of streaming services clearly aren't the only welcome change to the medium. Representations of  beauty are more diverse than ever as people of color have stepped behind the camera and in front of the storyboards to share their two cents. Thanks to this, black women and the protective styles we love have been front and center. These three television heroines are making primetime history by reflecting real beauty standards.
Beth, This Is Us (Tuesdays 8pm EST NBC) 
With her blunt personality and low maintenance micro braids Beth is totally equipped to handle any crisis facing her colorful family. She tends to the hair of her daughters as if it's the most natural thing in the world (because it is). Bonus? She isn't afraid to sleep next to that fine money making husband of hers with a scarf on her head. If that's not real I don't know what is. 
Rainbow Johnson, Blackish ( Wednesdays 9pm EST ABC) 
This doctor and mother of four may not be the world's greatest cook but she can lay some edges. She is always embracing her hair's versatility by switching up her style. Like her eldest daughter Zoe she can rock styles like halo and box braids, perm rods, blowouts, and more all within the same season! We're excited to see how she looks to protective styling as she gets further along in her character's pregnancy. If you're a busy mom check out what Unlikely Martha has to say about our crotchet twists here.
Mary Jane Paul, Being Mary Jane ( Tuesdays 10pm EST BET) 
We were all Mary Jane Paul when her stylist flaked on her after she had already taken her weave out! She may keep it cool when the lights are on but her hectic off camera lifestyle requires the convenience of her signature sew-in. We love that she's not afraid to school her co-workers on the importances of edge control and that she styles her niece's tresses with such care. Now if only we could help homegirl get a baby of her own....

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